Protect 1 LCD High efficiency transformerless UPS with 10 to 20 kVA and configurable phases: 3/3, 3/1, 1/1

Highly flexible and compact. Protect 1 LCD is a transformer-less UPS that combines high efficiency values with compact footprint and flexible configurations. Thanks to its full IGBT technology, Protect 1 LCD features low input THDi with almost unity input power factor.

The UPS is settable as 3/3, 3/1 or 1/1 and offers an adjustable range of recharging current up to 13 A. The system is an ideal power supply solution for small and medium critical applications when the power consumption, the footprint and the maintainability are key factors of choice.

Comprehensive UPS protection

Online UPS topology, also known as double-conversion, provides reliable protection against all 9 kinds of power supply failures. It provides clean power thanks to connected loads that are constantly supplied from the battery.

Easy maintenance

Service-friendly design ensures rapid and easy maintenance and minimizes service costs


Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements

UPS TOPOLOGY Double Conversion (VFI)
CAPACITY 10 - 20 kVA
INPUT/OUTPUT 1/1, 3/1 or 3/3-phase
NOMINAL VOLTAGE 1Ph: 220/230/240
3Ph: 380/400/415
BACKUP @90% CAPACITY 4-67 min
Protect 1 LCD 10 kVA
Protect 1 LCD 15 kVA
Protect 1 LCD 20 kVA
Part Number (w/o batteries)
600 002 8111 (600 002 8243)
600 002 8112 (600 002 8244)
600 002 8113 (600 002 8245)
Power rate
10 kVA/10 kW
15 kVA/15 kW
20 kVA/20 kW
Size (WxHxD)
300 x 805 x 720
300 x 805 x 720
300 x 805 x 720
Weight (w/o batteries)
106 kg 56 kg
162,7 kg 62,7 kg
159,5 kg 59,5 kg
Voltage range
1Ph: 160-300 or 3Ph: 277-520 @ 100% load undervoltage admitted with derating to 50% of load: 1Ph: 100 V or 3Ph: 173V
Output current (at 230 V AC) @PF 0.9
44 A
65 A
87 A
Battery Rated voltage (linked)
240 VDC
240 VDC
240 VDC
Sinusoidal, distortion THD < 1% @ linear load
Ext. Battery Packs
Power Distribution
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