Protect 4 Multi-purpose high power UPS

The Protect 4 is designed to secure high power critical loads in a compact design. It is compatible with the toughest application requirements thanks to its efficient and reliable 12-pulse thyristors-rectifier, which provides reduced input current harmonic distortion (THDi). A full set of options and extras allow the Protect 4 to be fully adapted to diverse requirements.

IP43 Protection

Protection against water and dust

Industrial Grade

A robust design crafted for harsh environments and high requirements


Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements

TYPE Protect 4 33
CAPACITY 160 - 600 kVA
128 - 480 kW

AEG Power Solutions UPS systems assure the permanent availability of all your global applications including oil, gas & petrochemical, power generation, transportation and other infrastructures. The Protect 4 is a highly reliable solution with a very long track record in system availability and use, providing safe and uninterrupted power back-up. It is a compact ready to install unit, with a maximum single unit capacity of up to 600 kVA, ensuring the safe operation of your critical loads. It allows you to benefit from a proven design. The robust and easy to operate UPS has excellent overload capability, superior dynamic response and is easy to maintain. Tailoring to specific requirements is possible due to the high level of customization available. Operational expenditure is optimized with a complete and cost effective life cycle.



Protect 4 33
Power rate
120 - 600kVA
Battery voltage range
384Vdc +/- 20%
THDi improvement
12 pulse technology
Output voltage static response
Output voltage dynamic response
Recovery time
overload capability
up to 270%
output power factor
Cos ϕ 0,8
Degree of protection
up to IP31
Operation temperature
-10°C to 35°C (without derating)
Battery Types
Power Capability
Battery Modes
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