Protect 8 INV1/3 Industrial Inverter: 5 - 120 KVA

Protect 8 INV is an extremely robust industrial inverter, both electrically and mechanically, particularly suited for heavy-duty industrial applications. It can be customized to meet the toughest requirements of industrial environments. Its high efficiency, even in the part-load range, allows to optimize operating costs.

IP43 Protection

Protection against water and dust

Industrial Grade

A robust design crafted for harsh environments and high requirements

Optimized TCO

Over the total lifecycle, TCO is optimized thanks to lower energy consumption and service costs

TYPE Protect 8 INV 1
INPUT 220Vdc
OUTPUT 1ph+N+PE (220/230/240 Vac)
TYPE Protect 8 INV 1
INPUT 110 Vdc
OUTPUT 1ph+N+PE (110/115/120 Vac)
TYPE Protect 8 INV 3
INPUT 220 Vdc
OUTPUT 3ph+N+PE (380/400/415 Vac)
Protect 8 INV 1
Protect 8 INV 3
Power rate
5 - 120kVA
10 - 120 kVA
Battery voltage range
110/220Vdc +/- 20%
Output voltage static response
Output voltage dynamic response
Recovery time
Overload capability
up to 270%
Output power factor
Cos ϕ 0,8
Degree of protection
Up to IP43
Operation temperature
-10°C to 40°C (without derating)
Product Sheets Protect 8 INV Download
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