Protect BLUE High Power Data Center UPS (250kW-4MW)

Protect Blue offers a highly efficient & reliable UPS solution for large data centers and IT applications in power ranges up to 4MW. In times of constantly increasing energy prices, Protect Blue helps reduce the costs for operation and cooling to a great extent through high efficiency. Protect Blue is based on a 250kW power block architecture that can be configured with parallel operation to meet high power requirements (up to 4000kW); n+1 redundancy operation is also possible. All “Power Blocks” are equipped with decentralized control mechanisms to increase operational safety. Protect Blue is transformer-less, works with the latest 3 level IGBT technology and therefore typically reaches an efficiency level of up to 95.5% (in double conversion, VFI). Protect Blue combines all the advantages of this technology, such as low input THDi <3%, high input power factor >0.99 and output power factor up to 1.

Protect BLUE High Power Data Center UPS

Key Features

  • Flexible power configuration from 250 kW
  • Parallel switching up to 4 MW
  • Developed for tomorrow’s power supply system: need- and price-oriented energy management
  • High operating security through a flexible redundancy concept
  • Highest possible typical efficiency of up to 95.5 % during genuine “online” operation
  • Three operating modes available: double conversion (VFI), ECO mode (VFD) and Idle mode
  • Low input THDi <3 %
  • Output power factor up to 1
  • Intuitive 7" touch screen
  • Front access to all important components
  • Wall assembly possible»Extensive communication options
  • Highest reliability based on quality components and many years of AEG PS industry experience
  • Unique AeBM battery management system maintains the battery

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