Protect Plus S300 compact transformer-less UPS, 10 - 200 kVA

Protect Plus S300 is the new transformer-less UPS from AEG Power Solutions. Best in class system for its compact footprint, the system also provides high efficiency. Protect Plus S300 is flexible in its configurations and benefits of a wide range of options. It is an ideal power protection for small and medium sized critical applications where power consumption, available space and reliability are key parameters.
The combination of high-level performance, with integrated battery solutions, or inbuilt galvanic isolation, the compact footprint and the wide range of options, make Protect Plus S300 the best solution for the power quality of any critical load. The UPS is based on a highly efficient transformer-less double conversion technology, ensuring the lowest OPEX on the market in its category. Best in class for energy consumption; the system has a very low Total Cost of Ownership.

Protect Plus S300 10 - 200 kVA UPS

Key Features

  • Compact foot-print, with integrated batteries or isolation transformer up to 80 kVA
  • 3-level IGBT technology
  • Transformer-less architecture
  • AC/AC efficiency up to 95.6 % (VFI) and 98 % in VFD*
  • Input PF >0.99 and THDi <3%*
  • Output PF up to unity (without derating)
  • Up to 8 units in parallel connection
  • Static and maintenance bypass switches included
  • Back-feed protection included
  • Cold start (battery start) function
  • 4.3" touch screen display
  • Wide range of options 

* Conditions apply


  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance: all models have front access, for easy maintenance or inspection.
  • Maximized savings in terms of footprint (m2), power installed (kVA), electrical system (cabling and protection devices), security (MTTR and MTBF) and power management (kW and cost).
  • Easy upgradeable architecture with reduced CAPEX and optimized OPEX. Protect Plus S300 offers a low input THDi and almost unity input PF, even when a low percentage of load is applied: no additional power-consuming filter.
  • Wide range of options such as a load- synchronization tool, top cable entry, up to IP41 protection degree, battery temperature probes as well as all connectivity devices (SNMP, Modbus, RS232).
  • 4.3" touch screen display: all the main parameters of the UPS are always under control.



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