Thyrobox PI for Polysilicon Systems

power supply, polysilicon production

Power supply systems for the production of polysilicon

Used successfully worldwide, Thyrobox power supply systems are synonymous with utmost reliability and repeatability in the polysilicon production process.

As global market leader in the field of power supplies for polysilicon production, AEG Power Solutions provide custom solutions that are tailor-made for the polysilicon process. Owing to their state-of-the-art AC technology, AEG’s Thyrobox power supply systems are extremely energy-efficient and reliable as compared with other technologies.

Typical Thyrobox applications in polysilicon production include power supplies for the direct heating of polysilicon rods in the D reactor, also called deposition reactor, and for the direct heating of graphite elements in the H reactor (STC-TCS converter).

power supply, polysilicon production

The illustration depicts different deposition reactor designs.

Thyrobox power supply systems meet the complex demands of both D and H reactors. The following illustration shows standard power supplies currently in use.

Thyrobox Reliable quality power supply systems for polysilicon production

Thyrobox M


Modular systems for medium-voltage ignition, pre-heating and process heating for the CVD deposition process in reactors having 12, 18, 24 and 27-rod pairs

Thyrobox MV-I


Power supply system for medium-voltage ignition of silicon rod pairs as a add-on for existing Thyrobox VSC power supply systems

Thyrobox VSC-C


Power supply system for H reactors with multi-level VSC circuits

power supply, polysilicon production

Thyrobox for D Reactors

Thyrobox M for 24 pairs of rods

W x H x D: 4400 x 2200 x 1600[mm]

The illustration shows a Thyrobox M for a 24-pair CVD reactor. Features include a medium-voltage ignition for all rods in the reactor and power supply for the CVD process.

Worldwide service

All Thyrobox power supply systems from AEG Power Solutions worldwide are installed and maintained by a team of well-qualified service technicians having on-site experience with the reactor power supplies used in the production of polysilicon.

Further information

You can find further information about AEG Power Solutions and Thyrobox power supply systems for the production of polysilicon at the following website:



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