Thyrobox DC-3 DC proCess power supply

With the Thyrobox DC-3, AEG Power Solutions offers a DC power supply based on proven B12 IGBT chopper technology, which is suitable for a wide range of high demand applications. Due to the wide output voltage range, load voltages from 10 V up to 500 V can be realized with the Thyrobox DC-3. The smallest Thyrobox DC-3 has an output current of 1,500 A, which can be modularly expanded to 30,000 A. Thyrobox DC-3 operates so that more power modules can be upgraded by simple parallel connection to an existing Thyrobox. This concept enables a simultaneous system configuration with redundant modules.

Power Supply, Thyrobox DC-3


Many industrial applications require not only high quality output voltage and current from a process power supply, but also high efficiency. For industrial usage, such applications include:

  • Coating
  • Electrolysis
  • Electroplating

Today, in addition to the requirements of the output power quality of a process power supply, high demands are also placed on the input network load that is provided. In particular, the requirements include sine wave form power consumption and a high power factor.

Grid connection

Connection of the Thyrobox DC-3 can be made at either the low or medium voltage grid. Upon request, AEG Power Solutions delivers, in addition to Thyrobox DC-3, a separate power transformer and secondary side wiring with bus bars or cables. In addition to the Thyrobox DC-3 power modules, cabinets for distribution of grid connections are also available. These cabinets are matched with respect to the connection method on the Thyrobox DC-3 power modules.


With the available options, Thyrobox DC-3 can be adapted to different requirements. Options include various fieldbus interfaces, touchscreen, covers, special instrumentation, and special software. Other desired options available on request.


Optimized Management

The diagrams show examples of power factor and THDi waveforms that can vary somewhat depending on the design of the entire power supply; this is also true for efficiency. Based on real plant data, a calculation to estimate the future achievable values of efficiency, power factor and THDi can be performed. Using this, efficiency-optimized operation is possible.

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Comparison of Thyristor-Rectifier with Hybrid Filter and Chopper-Rectifier for High-Power, High-Current Application




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