Reduce Costs & Energy consumption, Increase reliability

The ecopx hybrid power solution delivers a world of benefits for your network:

  • Use any combination of diesel, solar and wind power sources
  • A single controller (ACMi1000e) manages the power solution end-to-end, seamlessly selecting the appropriate source
  • The flexible, modular solution can easily adapt as your needs evolve- Innovative, autonomous redundancy enhances reliability and site availability- MPPT-enabled solar converters maximize solar energy production and protect your PV investment
  • High temperature-rated components avoid the need for special cooling- Innovative, embedded N+1 redundancy means that, just like standard telecom power systems, a single-event fault will not compromise system performance or availability. In the unlikely event of a component failure, the controller identifies the failed component, isolates the failure and flags an alarm. There is no impact on revenue generation and you choose when to schedule a service visit

Powerful eco px controller manages all energy sources to maximize production & minimize consumption

The AEG PS ecopx hybrid power solution combines renewable solar or wind energy with battery storage and, if needed, a stand-by, diesel generator. The result is an innovative, highly-reliable solution that optimizes the entire energy system. 

  • Intelligent diesel generator management reduces fuel consumption by 50% or more in generator/battery hybrid configurations by operating the generator for short periods at optimum load to charge the battery. The results include reduced fuel consumption, less frequent servicing and prolonged generator lifetime - all of which help further reduce OPEX
  • A single controller manages the complete power solution, seamlessly selecting the appropriate power source for lowest OPEX
  • By constantly monitoring load demand and battery charge, the controller eliminates unneeded energy production during low traffic periods
  • Wini1000 Manager provides remote monitoring, control and system optimization 

The ecopx solution manages network site power from end-to-end from energy generation to energy storage, load surveillance and remote management. ecopx offers unmatched OPEX, security and reliability benefits.

Smart diesel genset usage means lower fuel consumption ... longer maintenance intervals ... longer genset life

Smart battery management lowers maintenance costs & extends battery life:

- Battery charge rate optimised according to discharge history
- Extended maintenance intervals
- Battery life extended by up to 25%

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