NRC50 Control Module

The NRC50 is a flexible and powerful microprocessor controlled monitoring and control system, capable of controlling up to 120 digital or up to 64 analogue rectifiers. The NRC50 can report up to 200 pre-defined alarms. As well as advanced battery management, the NRC50 can report system alarms via standard communications protocols and has a LCD display for full system interrogation.


NRC50 - Key Features

» Advanced microprocessor technologywith CAN Bus system communications
» Five extension slots for expansion boards
» Individual control of up to 120* digital rectifiers or 64* analogue rectifiers
» High visibility, 4-line alphanumeric display or optional graphical display
» Measurement of network mains voltage, frequency and current* (single, or three phase)
» Multiple branch, battery connection test
» Comprehensive battery management capabilities for up to 6 branches, with battery voltage, current and temperature measurement, event history log
and battery type selection*
» Mapped Float Temperature Compensation curves for optimum battery charging
» Float and equalize battery charge modes, with charge current limitation and programmable
switching conditions
» Battery discharge test with configurable test parameters and timed intervals
» Battery symmetry test
» Advanced battery life counter
» Low voltage disconnect (LVD) for up to 6 battery branches
» Non essential load disconnect
» Alarm Manager withconfiguration/management of 200 predefined alarms
» Event history log with full time stamping
» System security via password protected, multi-level access
» Equation interpreter for total customer flexibility in alarm condition definition and configuration
» Local and remote system alarm reporting with Modem* autodial-out facility
» TCP/IP* connection, SNMP management available, email alerter, http access
» MOD BUS*-J BUS* connection
» Win50, WinSite, Windows compatible supervision software
» CE

*Optional expansion boards

NRC50 - Specifications


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