Standard System

The Protect RCS range of systems has been preconfigured with a number of the most commonly requested features built-in as standard. These systems are available “off-the-shelf” with standard drawings and standard user documentation.

Standard configuration

  • Internal rectifier inputs witch Q1
  • 6/12-pulse rectifier bridge with input isolation transformer
  • Digital control
  • Rectifier F1 fuse and rectifier shunt R2
  • Blocking diode V21
  • Multi-functional LCD with 2 LEDs indicate the system status
  • Tropicalized control electronics boards
  • Common fault remote alarm
  • Power and control cable marking
  • Detailed 3-D layout and component marking presented on rear door
  • Door able to open to120° with nine key locks
  • Bottom cable entry
  • Input / battery / output terminals X1, X2 and X3
  • Standard labeling / nameplate

Alarms / signaling / measurement

  • LED alarm indicatorsin front panel
  • Relay cards 2 x 8 free contacts
  • Additional analog meters
  • Low electrolyte level alarm
  • Audible alarm
  • Temperature charging compensation sensors & cables
  • Temperature alarm
  • High DC ripple voltage alarm
  • Cable drop compensation
  • Battery circuit failure alarm
  • Ground fault alarm
  • High rate interlock


As needed, the standard system can be enhanced by the additional options available. System specific drawing packages and user documentation will be automatically generated to reflect the actual options configured. To provide exact solutions for each application, we offer a wide range of options:


  • Parallel redundant configuration with load sharing
  • Special mains input voltages (180 – 690 V) and frequency 60 Hz
  • DC ripple filter 1 % & 0.1 %
  • 12 pulse rectifier with isolation transformer
  • Rectifier input MCB or fuse
  • Battery MCB, fuse or switch in rectifier
  • Battery MCB or fuse box
  • Load MCB, fuse or switch
  • Diode dropper
  • DC distribution
  • Battery installed inside the rectifier cabinet

Remote control options

  • Rectifier shutdown command
  • Forced floating charge command
  • Alarm reset
  • High rate charge command


  • RS232 / RS485 interface
  • RS232 / RS485 Modbusprotocol
  • TCP / IP interface
  • Protocol converters (Profibus DP, J-bus DNP3,IEC 61850 )
  • Monitoring andmanagement software
  • Modem

Additional options are available on request