Model SPRE 24V SPRE 48/60V SPRE 110V/125V TPRE 24V TPRE 48/60V TPRE 110V TPRE 220V
Output current 25A to 100A 25A to 100A 25A to 50A 25A to 500A 25A to 1200A 25A to 1200A 25A to 500A
Battery charge mode 3 charge mode levels
Static voltage ragulation 0.50%
DC ripple voltage 2 to 5% max
Charging characteristics I/U as per IEC 478-1
Mains voltage 220V, 230V, 240V 1 Phase + Neutral 50Hz/60Hz 380V-400V-415V 3 Phases 50Hz/60Hz
Rectifier type Single phase 6 pulse or 12 pulse
Protect degree IP21
Operating ambient temperature 0-40°C without derating
Installation height 0-1000m without derating
Cabinet 1200x600x840 to 2000x1200x840
Approvals & certification  CE marking, IEC60146-1-1, NFC58-311 (gas recombination battery)