Industrial Inverters for harsh environments

AEG Power Solutions offer a huge range of power solutions for industry and for the data and IT segment. Our range spans from small inverters and rectifiers right up to our latest 500KVA Protect 8 high power industrial modular and redundant UPS.

Industrial UPS & Inverters, harsh/tough environments, 500kVA, high power, industrial modular/rendundant UPS
  • Industrial Inverter

    Protect 8. INV1:
    Output: 230V, 10 - 60 kVA
  • Analog Inverter

    Transokraft 1 220V GS:
    10 - 80 kVA

    Transokraft 3 220 GS:
    30 - 200 kVA
  • Modular Switch-Mode Inverter

    Input: 24/48/60/110/220 Vdc
    Output: 230 Vac