Transokraft 3 N1  


The analog Transokraft inverters are suitable for secure, uninterrupted supply to critical loads which require an AC voltage supply independent of the mains power system and the faults which may occur.
This independent supply avoids interruptions to the connected loads caused by mains power failures, mains voltage deviations or mains frequency deviations, any of which may result in considerable financial costs and physical danger.  Over 35 years of experience in nuclear power plant technology helps us providing you the perfect solution to protect your application.

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Industrial-grade open

Robust design especially for harsh environments and high requirements
  • Type Transokraft 3 N1
  • Capacity rating 30kVA, 50kVA, 80kVA 120kVA, 170kVA, 200kVA
  • Input  220Vdc
  • Output 3phase + N + PE 380Vac, 400Vac, 415Vac
  • Classification 1E Class
  • Type Transokraft 3 N1
  • Capacity rating 20kVA, 40kVA, 60kVA 80kVA, 
  • Input 110Vdc
  • Output 3phase + N + PE 380Vac, 400Vac, 415Vac
  • Classification 1E Class

Main Features:

  • 100 % analog controlled Inverter
  • No software or programmable devices
  • Seismic-proofed technology
  • Fans in redundant configuration via additional vacuum chamber at top of unit, replacement from the front site.
  • Short circuit proof constant current source
  • High short circuit resistance (up to 600 % of nominal current possible)
  • Start of Motors (6*In) / offers high startup current
  • constant current source independent of  the variations output voltage level
  • Designed for 100% asymmetric load  and fast dynamic response
  • Maximum reliability
  • Design lifetime >30 years
  • Designed for use in harsh environments
  • Easy maintenance via diagnostic device
  • Stationary use which meets DIN-EN 60721-3-3 standards: 3K3; 3Z1 (3Z4); 3B2; 3C2; 3S2; 3M4

Qualification according to:

  • Safety IEC 62040-1-2
  • EMC 61000-6-2; 61000-6-4
  • Performance IEC 62040-1-1; 62040-1-2; 60146-1-1
  • Protection IEC 60529; IEC 60364-4-41
  • Environmental IEC 60721-3-3
  • Qualification via IEC, KTA 3704
  • Qualification via RCC-E  2012 & 2016, “Design and Construction Rules for Electrical Equipment of Nuclear Islands”
  • Qualification to IEEE is possibility (question of the aging process)