Profitec SN1 Software-free rectifier for Power Plants

The Profitec SN1 is a 100 % analog charger. All regulation and monitoring PCBs (built up in SMD method) contain no software and no programmable components or devices. The invention of a 100 % free-of-software rectifier is due to the security of DC power supply and new requirements for safety and qualification processes.

380 / 400 / 415 / 500 / 690 V 3-phase

24 V 100 – 2500 A
60 V 63 – 630 A
110 V 63 – 630 A
220 V 40 – 1250 A



Profitec SN1, Software-free rectifier, Power Plants, analog charger

Profitec SN1 - Key Features

  • No software or programmable devices
  • Seismic-proofed technology
  • Forced or natural air cooling
  • Secure DC supply in any case of input voltage variation
  • Top or bottom entry
  • Maximum reliability
  • High availability / MTBF
  • Design lifetime >30 years
  • Designed for use in harsh environments
  • Easy maintenance via diagnostic device
  • 160 % input overvoltage threshold

Profitec SN1 - Options

  • Overvoltage limiter (Forsmark-event)
    In case of input voltage variation, independent of the input voltage gradient, the duration and its maximum value, the patented overvoltage limiter reduces the value of the DC output voltage to less than 115 % of the nominal DC voltage. Th overvoltage detection is a self-acknowledging fault.
  • Parallel mode (for output current extension or redundancy)
  • Diagnostic device for annual checks as required by NPPs
  • Forced cooling for ambient temperatures up to 50 °C without de-rating
  • Design as +/- system
  • Higher IP rating
  • Battery feeder cubicles, seismic-proofed
  • Battery symmetry monitoring
  • Battery charging circuit monitoring

Profitec SN1 - Blockdigram

Profitec SN1 Software-free rectifier for Power Plants

Profitec SN1 - Images

  • Profitec SN1, Software-free rectifier, Power Plants, analog charger

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