The Protect 8 thyristor-controlled rectifier is designed to provide a highly reliable power supply and battery charging capability as a standalone device or as part of the Protect 8 industrial UPS series. The Protect 8 rectifier is built from independent Protect 8 building blocks, suitable for charging nickel-cadmium or lead acid batteries while supplying DC loads or the inverter of the UPS. It can also be used without batteries as a direct power supply. The UL version of the Protect 8 rectifier is compliant with UL 1012/ UL 1778 and with relevant IEEE/ANSI/NEMA standards. The Protect 8 UL is designed in Germany; engineered and assembled in the United-States.

100 – 400A Output

Protect 8 Uninterruptible Power Supply

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty design
  • Proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology
  • Modular building block design from the Protect 8 system
  • High MTBF and low MTTR
  • Built-in protection
  • Digital processing and setting of all parameters
  • Monitoring of all parameters via the front panel display
  • Built-in intelligent battery management
  • Temperature-compensated charge voltage regulation
  • Manual or automatic high rate charge »Parallel operation
  • Bottom cable entry
  • Alarm- and event logger, with a date and time-stamped event log memory
  • Ease of installation, start-up & maintenance
  • International service support


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