Protect RCS Industrial Rectifier & Charger System

These are the latest generation of robust, industrial rectifiers, chargers and DC Systems from AEG Power Solutions. Using proven microprocessor controlled thyristor technology to provide high-reliability power supply and battery charging capabilities. Choose from standard system configurations or customized systems, designed to comply with precise specifications.

Protect RCS, Industrial Rectifier, Charger System

Protect RCS - Key Features

  • Standard or customized systems - enhanced by an extensive range of options
  • Generic Control and Alarm Unit
  • Monitor and control parameters locally/ remotely
  • Several types of batteries:
    • Nickel-cadmium (vented/ gas recombination)
    • Lead acid (vented/ gas recombination)
  • Advance battery management
  • Parallel operation
  • High MTBF, low MTTR
  • Can also be used as direct power supply



Protect RCS - Images

Protect RCS Industrial Rectifier & Charger System
Protect RCS
block diagram rectifier Industrial Rectifier & Charger System
block diagram rectifier
WINSPARC software Industrial Rectifier & Charger System
WINSPARC software

Protect RCS - Configurations

Standard system

The Protect RCS range of systems has been preconfigured with a number of the most commonly requested features built-in as standard. These systems are available “off-the-shelf” with standard drawings and standard user documentation.

Standard configuration

  • Single system with building block modular design
  • Internal rectifier input switch Q1
  • 6-pulse rectifier bridge with input isolation transformer
  • Digital control card GCAU
  • Output filter L1-C1 ripple voltage <5 % RMS without battery
  • Rectifier F1 fuse and rectifier shunt R2
  • Blocking diode V21
  • Multi-functional LCD with 2 LEDs indicate the system status
  • Tropicalized control electronics boards
  • Common fault remote alarm
  • Floor mounted cabinet with external IP21 protection and IP20 with open doors
  • Cabinet colour RAL 7035
  • Power and control cable marking
  • Detailed 3-D layout and component marking presented on rear door
  • Door able to open to180° with three key locks
  • Bottom cable entry
  • Input / battery / output terminals X1, X2 and X3
  • » Standard labeling / nameplate



The standard system can be enhanced by the additional options.  To provide exact solutions for each application, we offer a wide range of options:


  • Parallel redundant configuration with load sharing
  • Special mains input voltages (180 – 690 V) and frequency 60 Hz
  • DC ripple filter 1 % & 0.1 %
  • 12 pulse rectifier with isolation transformer
  • Rectifier input MCB or fuse
  • Battery MCB, fuse or switch in rectifier
  • Battery MCB or fuse box
  • Load MCB, fuse or switch
  • Diode dropper
  • DC distribution
  • Battery installed inside the rectifier cabinet

Alarms / signaling / measurement

  • LED alarm indicators in front panel
  • Relay cards 2 x 8 free contacts
  • Additional analog meters
  • Low electrolyte level alarm
  • Audible alarm
  • Temperature charging compensation sensors & cables
  • Temperature alarm
  • High DC ripple voltage alarm
  • Cable drop compensation
  • Battery circuit failure alarm
  • Ground fault alarm
  • High rate interlock


Control options

  • Remote rectifier shutdown command
  • Remote forced floating charge command
  • Remote room fan control
  • Remote alarm reset
  • Remote high rate charge command


  • RS232 / RS485 interface
  • RS232 / RS485 Modbus protocol
  • TCP / IP interface
  • Protocol converters (Profibus DP, J-bus)
  • Monitoring and management software
  • Modem


  • Interior cabinet light, AC single phase socket & cabinet heater
  • Protection up to IP54
  • Special colour
  • Vermin proof protection plates
  • Low smoke wiring (halogen-free)
  • Special markings
  • Top cable entry
  • Air filters at air inlet
  • Ventilation 100 % redundant

Additional options are available on request


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