SM2000 2000W Rectifier Module

Compact switch mode, hot pluggable, constant power output rectifier with wide AC input range for world-wide telecom applications. Robust, with permanent short circuit protection on output with a large operating input AC voltage range and a wide operating temperature range. Constant power feature in the DC output (2000W@48Vdc), with load sharing bus allows easy paralleling.


SM2000 - Key Features

» Parallel operation with SM1600: can be mixed with SM1600 in MPT1600C and MPS1600C systems
» Constant power output: 2000W at 48Vdc, reducing the number of modules needed in the system
» Space saving and extremely compact due to its power density and format (750W / I,1 U high)
» Robust due to its very wide operating input voltage range (80 to 300Vac)
» Wide operating temperature range -10°C to +70°C with full thermal management
» Reliable operation due to advanced self-protection (input, output, temperature current, power) and high MTBF
» Automatic stop on high and low mains voltage with automatic re-start
» Self-protection against high temperature conditions via automatic output power de-rating
» Fan speed control and monitoring - low noise extended fan lifetime
» Fan monitoring with alarm signaling when failed. Easy removing for simple maintenance
» Sine wave input (PFC) and high efficiency (≥ 91%) to reduce installation and operating costs
» Easy to operate: compact, light, hot pluggable, clear indications by LED, adjustment free, ready to use
» Control and alarm functions for remote, management
» Float temperature compensation and output voltage control input for optimum battery charging via the system digital control module - increases battery life
» CE marked

SM2000 - Specifications


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