Protect SC Bi-directional Energy Storage Power Converter

The AEG Power Solutions’ Energy Storage Converter is based on the highly successful Protect PV solar inverter platform. A IGBT power stack with optimized cooling design, low impedance connection and control technology forms the heart of the Converter. The IGBT based converter technology is inherently bi-directional and allows a four quadrant operation as displayed in the graphic below. The converter provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor operation for both the inverter and rectifier. Optional feature allows seamless transition between on-grid and off-grid mode which adds additional back-up power supply for critical infrastructure. Remote control of the Storage Converter through an Energy Management System (EMS) is possible when integrated into a smart grid. Data recording of the Storage Converter is available 24 / 7 and is accessible anywhere in the world.

Energy Storage Power Converter

Key Features:

  • Utility scale PCS (Storage Converter)
  • Highest efficiency for charging and discharging
  • Fully grid code compliant: BDEW, FNN & other
  • Wide DC input range for various battery technologies
  • On-grid /off-grid
  • Cabinet depth 600 mm
  • Black start capability
  • Initial Charge Function
  • Highest Power Density
  • Option: Seamless transition between on- and off-grid for power back-up

Technical Data*


up to 850 kVA depending on battery technology

DC-voltage range

450 V – 1,000 V

Max. efficiency

98.4 %


50 / 60 Hz

Battery technology

Pb, Li, NiCd, VRF, etc.

Temperature range

-20°C to +50°C

Operation mode

on-grid & off-grid


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New challenges are appearing in the energy sector due to the ongoing shift from base-load fossil fuelled plants towards volatile renewable energy sources, such as wind and photovoltaic. Among these challenges are voltage and frequency stabilization, as well as an increasing demand for balanced power and peak shaving. The majority of these problems can be solved with battery storage solutions. While the battery cells solely provide the storage capacity it is the Storage Converter that ultimately transforms the chemically stored energy into a grid service by supplying the right electric component, at the right time with the right amount and form of electrical energy.

AEG PS offers a storage application as a turnkey solution including batteries and medium voltage transformer. The solution has on-grid and off-grid control capability.

The battery market is moving at an unforeseen pace, constantly presenting new storage technologies. While lead-acid is still the most implemented battery technology in terms of installed capacity, lithium-ion, vanadium redox-flow and also nickel cadmium have captured significant market share. Depending on the pursued goal of the storage solution, one battery technology often offers advantages over another. Sometimes it might also be useful to combine two or more battery types in order to achieve maximum benefit. The recent advances in battery technology have allowed battery cells and modules to become a commodity with standardized characteristics. Due to its longstanding heritage in the Uninterruptable Power Supply industry, AEG Power Solutions has extensive knowledge in battery handling and know-how to deliver your requirements.

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Protect SC.600-ID-UL
Protect SC.600-ID-IEC


On-grid energy storage system manages peak demands and integrates renewables


Storage Converters for Battery Energy Storage Systems for utilities, commercial and industrial, and micro‐grids



Outdoor Enclosure

Technical Specifications:


1100 kg

Size (HxWxD)

3190 x 2792 x 1300mm


-20°C to 50°C


RAL 7035

Method of Cooling


Protection Grade

IP 43

Relative Humidity

15 - 95% max, no condensing


Ethernet via optional fibre optical ring


Modbus TCP

Overvoltage protection


Ext. auxiliary supply voltage

TN-S 230 V, 50/60 Hz




PCS Container

The PCS container includes two SC.600 inverters, DiCa, transformer and optional switch gear. All components are pre-installed, tested and ready for installation and commissioning. The Battery container includes batteries, BMS (battery management system), air conditioning, fire protection. PCS and battery container are connected with cables, communication via fibre optic ring structure. Paralleling of several PCS + battery container subsystems are typically implemented on medium voltage level.

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