Protect SC.LMU Management Unit for energy storage systems

The SC.LMU acts as an intelligent operation and communication system for stationary battery energy storage systems. Modular software blocks are prepared to fulfill typical operation models of battery energy storage systems. The AEG PS Local Management Unit SC.LMU is available as part of a AEG Power Solution turnkey solution, equipped with storage converter, switchgear and transformer as well as in combination with the AEG PS’ power conversion system Protect SC. The LMU is capable of supporting up to 4 Protect SC in one location.

Local Management Unit for Energy Storage Power Converter

Key Features:

  • Local self control: Normal standards, easily applied and readily implemented
  • Interfacing: Well integrated communication protocols as needed
  • Set point verification: Power requirements checked and verified
  • Battery care: Maintained battery health
  • Data logging: Actual data logged and readily available
  • Graphical user interface GUI: Status functions readily displayed
  • Ambient control: Monitoring capability
  • Power supply: Powered by a DC UPS system even during grid outages

Local self control

When no overall EMS is existing, standard rules and procedures may be used (frequency control, compensation of PV power plants, voltage support, load compensation). A scheduled charge/discharge plan may also be implemented.


As required, different interfaces and communication protocols will be integrated and “translated”.

Battery Care

During periods when no power is required from the EMS, controlled charge and/or discharge cycles are performed to maintain battery health. The procedures are battery technology dependent.

Set point verification

Power requirements coming from an EMS or other system operator will be cross-checked and verified with the battery status (SOG, SOH) and then forwarded to the power conversion system (such as Protect SC.600) to be executed or rejected.

Data logging

The actual data (battery, grid, power demands, status, etc.) are logged and forwarded to a local and/or to a remote data base.

Graphical user interface GUI

The actual status of the battery and the PCS as well as the operational history are displayed at the front.

Ambient control

Monitoring of ambient and cubicle temperatures.

Power supply

The LMU is powered by a DC UPS system, communication and system monitoring is therefore possible also during grid outages.

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