UPS Accessories & Management Software

  • Static Transfer Switch

    63A – 400A: 2 poles
    63A – 1000A: 3 poles / 4 poles
    63A: 2 poles/3 poles and 4 poles as 19inch rack version
  • The SNMP adapters enable users to monitor the status of UPS units via internet or ethernet connection
  • Management device for up to eight environmental sensors
  • Sensor products for environmental control and for use with CompuWatch
  • Relay cards provide communication via potential free contacts and can be used for communication between UPS and AS/400 devices.
  • External manual bypass switch for maintenance with concurrent uninterruptible power supply
  • Flexible power distribution units in different versions
  • Intelligent load management via CompuWatch or network management software
  • Distribution and parallel board for 3 UPS systems inclusive manual bypass switch
  • Shutdown- and UPS management software for automation in data processing
  • Network management for UPS devices Integrated solution of UPS management a solution for intelligent network management
  • The COM server provides the UPS data via an ethernet network. With a virtual COM port on a workstation, a software application can communicate with the UPS via the network.
  • for Protect 3, 4, 5 and 8