UPS Systems single-phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

AEG PS' range of UPS systems contains uninterruptible power supplies in all power classes with 1-phase output power. These UPS are specifically adapted to the requirements of an IT environment. Here, an uninterruptible power supply is essential to ensure a smooth operation and sufficient data protection. With UPS systems, computers and servers are protected against insufficient power quality and shut down running processes in a controlled way during any power cuts.

UPS Systems in Server Rack

Overview 1-phase UPS systems:

  • UPS configurator
    The right UPS solutions is just a few clicks away!
    With the 1-phase UPS configurator you quickly find the right UPS system for your requirements.
  • Protect Home - offline UPS

    VFD (Offline)

  • Protect A line-interactive UPS

    VI (Line-interactive)

    500 VA
    700 VA
    1200 VA
    1600 VA
  • Protect Alpha Line-inactive UPS

    VI (Line-interactive)

    450 VA
    600 VA
    800 VA
    1200 VA
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    500 VA1000 VA
    750 VA1500 VA

    special version for NAS applications available
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    750 VA1800 VA
    1000 VA2300 VA
    1400 VA3000 VA
  • Protect C online UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1 kVA2 kVA3 kVA

    parallel mode possible:
    6 kVA10 kVA
  • Protec C Rack mount UPS
    Rackmount UPS online / double-conversion (VFI)

    3000 VA
  • Protect D line-interactive UPS (double-conversion) Rackmount
    Rackmount UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1000 VA1500 VA
    2000 VA3000 VA

    parallel mode possible:
    6000 VA10000 VA
  • Protect 1 online Tower UPS

    online / double-conversion (VFI)

    10 kVA
    15 kVA
    20 kVA
  • Modular UPS

    10 - 40 kVA
    1/1, 3/1 or 3/3 phase

    up to 4 UPS in parallel operations
  • Rack solution with a 6-20 kVA UPS including rack cabinet, power distribution, UPS communication and an uninteruptible power supply as single, parallel or A/B busbar concept.

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1-phase UPS configurator

1-phase UPS configurator

Now available as Web-App for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone

UPS Configurator