Protect A Line-interactive UPS 500 / 700 / 1200 / 1600 VA

  • Protect A 500/700
    Protect A 500/700
  • Protect A 500/700
  • Protect A 1200/1600
  • Protect A 1200
  • Protect A 1600
  • Protect A 500/700

Avoid irreparable damage for your data and system that can cause significant financial loss caused by over voltage or power surge. With easy installation, compact uninterruptible power supply Protect A, will assure device protection and provide several minutes runtime in case main power failiure. It is ideal for office, network and telecom peripherals.

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Advanced UPS Protection open

The clear “one board” design and LED indicators let you know about the most important operating conditions. This ease of use is complemented by an audible alarm.

Energy saving open

Due to its high efficiency the power consumption is very low. Over its product lifetime the savings in terms of money and power are higher than older systems so this is a good replacement unit. 
  • UPS Topology Line Interactive (VI)
  • Capacity 500 - 1600 VA
  • Input/Output 1-phase/1-phase
  • Nominal Voltage 230V
  • Backup time @100W 17-55 min

Protect A - Why do you need it?

Protect your system with continous power supply

Managing complex systems, from retail terminals, PCs and workstations depends on continuous network and power supply. Over voltage or surge can make an irreparable damage to your data and system, followed by significant financial loss. How to avoid it?

High Availability in critical situations: 1 minute backup

Protect A will assure power protection and provide several minutes runtime in case of mains failiure. Powerful battery backup for desktop systems and peripherals assures your office to function undisturbed thanks to 1 minute integrated backup capability at full load.

Easy usage, easy monitoring

Informative front panel with percentage bars, graphic indicators and meters on high resolution LCD display ensures easy system performance monitoring. With plug and play installation, Protect A is in operation within minutes. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) protects your system from brownouts, sags and surges, while two fast charging USB ports for tablets and smartphones provide diversity of use for any of your USB charge devices.