Surge protection for home and office

Surges can be caused, for example,by lightning striking near your premises. Lightning induces voltage surges in conductors and cables that can damage any connected equipment. Also switching in households, for example with fluorescent lamps and conventional ballast, can cause surges in the bulding‘s wiring system. The steadily growing number of electronic household appliances and entertainment units over the last few years has also increased the extent of damage. A single power surge can quickly lead to costly damages amounting to thousands of Euros, as smaller components often have close tolerance limits for the power supplied. If they are damaged, the entire unit has to be repaired. This is often complicated and costly. AEG surge solutions provide effective protection.

All surge protecting devices contain the newest generation of Metal Oxide Varistors in multi-pole design. These correspond to the IEC category T3 according to the interntional standard IEC 61 643-1. In Comparison to traditional MOVs they are characterized by highest thermal stability and contain a separator with optical indicator. So the connected devices are effectively protected against surges of up to 36,000 A. In case where traditional MOVs could catch fire the new generation offers now a higher protection. This is proofed by the certificates of KEMA KEUR and GS.

The following equipment is particularly at risk:

  • Phone system / router
  • LCD and plasma TVs
  • Games consoles
  • Computer & IT equipment
  • TV receiver
  • Speakers

Protect Basic

5 outlets are available for shockproof plugs and 1 or 2 additional outlets are provided for connecting larger power supplies. Additional filters are used to lessen high-frequency interference voltage. Because the cable fixtures are located at the end of the device, there are fewer tangled cables. Operational status and active surge protection are displayed by two LEDs. The connected consumer loads can be disconnected from the network using the power switch.

Protection for all standard applications:

  • 5 surge protected sockets
  • extra space for 1 (GE6/FR6) or 2 (GE7/FR7) larger power supplies
  • childproof sockets
  • cable fixture prevents cable clutter (only GE7/FR7)
  • available as GE, FR and UK versions

Protect Travel

The Protect Travel provides overvoltage protection in the smallest of spaces. This makes it ideal for travel or for applications in confined spaces. Often, the power quality in the country of travel is not sufficiently guaranteed. Be on the safe side and protect your laptop, cell phone or digital camera against overvoltage while on the move. With the additional USB charger unit, you save on extra chargers.

Protection on the way with USB chargers:

  • 3 surge protected sockets
  • 2 USB chargers for mobiles or MP3 players
  • indicator shows active surge protection
  • compact dimensions for travelling
  • 90 degrees rotating mains input cord

Protect TwinPower

With Protect TwinPower, AEG offers you a flexible voltage solution for the desktop. With its 7 power outlets, TwinPower provides enough room for all peripheral devices around the computer. Owing to its two-part design, the connection cables can be flexibly housed. The first part serves as a power supply for the computer, printer and monitor. The other part of the surge protective conductor has a power switch for disconnecting the TwinPower from the network. With this feature, all connected devices do not consume electricity when in standby. Furthermore, the desk unit has 3 other power sockets. Cell phones and MP3 players can be charged using its two protected USB ports.

Security for various applications with USB chargers:

  • separated surge protector
  • overall 4 + 3 protected sockets
  • 2 protected USB chargers
  • easily accessible power switch
  • childproof sockets

Protect Entertainment

Protect your sensitive equipment and save standby costs. With its Master-Slave-Function, the Protect Entertainment is especially suited to modern home theatres and music systems. If the main unit (master) is turned off, then the electricity supply of the other peripheral units (slaves) will be automatically cut off. In addition, this conductor offers surge protection for antenna cables and network cables. As a result, all your equipment is optimally protected against power surges.

Intelligent protection for entertainment equipment with Master-Slave-Function

  • 1 master and 3 slave sockets, master/slave mode can be switched off
  • 2 outlets always powered
  • surge protected antenna connector (type F)
  • surge protection for network cables (RJ45)
  • childproof sockets

Protect Office

Protect Office is the compact power distribution for your desktop. The 3 power outlets and network ports provide complete computer protection. During the development phase, the compactness of design was paramount. The design also allows you to connect a microphone and speakers. As a result, the annoying cable clutter on and behind the desk can be avoided. Any peripheral units can be switched off via the central power button thereby reducing standby costs.

Compact protection for PC and peripherals

  • 3 protected sockets, one of them rotateable
  • 2 protected USB chargers
  • data-line protection for network cables (RJ45)
  • additional connectors for microphone and headset

Protect Business

Protect your laptop and projector at conferences. Thanks to its folding mechanism, Protect Business is suitable for conference tables and desktops. In addition, it offers surge protection for data cables (RJ45) and a dual USB charger unit.

Business solution with surge protection:

  • 6 protected sockets
  • Surge protection for network cables (RJ45)
  • folding mechanism for conference tables
  • 2 protected USB charger