Once your system has been set up and configured, long-term proactive maintenance and remote monitoring are the keys to preserving performance levels and extending the life of your equipment.

Our Services

AEG Power Solutions leverages its unique expertise in the field of power electronics to offer a full range of services, covering every phase of the product life. Regular, programmed preventive maintenance procedures, performed by accredited service engineers, maximize the performance of your equipment, while keeping costs to a minimum. Rapid corrective measures and repairs are essential to increasing the availability of clean power and ensuring business continuity


The AEG Power Solutions Service Model

Regular, programmed preventive maintenance procedures, performed by accredited service engineers, represent the most cost-effective way of ensuring your power solution provides the maximum performance.

Interruption of your power supply is not an option

Service can help you optimize your investment and ensure:

  • Maximum reliability, safety, efficiency and availability of your operations

  • Extended product life and the benefits of the latest technology

  • Renewal of the solution when required based on expert advise

  • Reduced maintenance costs and optimized total cost of ownership of your equipment

  • Minimized downtime and risks

Solutions Deployment & Implementation

Installed, commissioned and ready to deliver results for your business. Our team of specialist field service engineers have deployed power systems, solutions and products in a vast range of applications, including hospitals, industrial facilities, plants, offices, data centers and rigs all over the world.

System Performance Continuity

The permanent availability of power is crucial to all kinds of businesses. Guaranteeing long-term dependability of your UPS and power conversion systems requires regular checks and consistent maintenance.

Analytical Consulting & Advisory

Our management team continues to support the customer well beyond the initial installation & commissioning phase, offering post-sales support and carrying maintenance procedures designed to ensure the power solution provides the maximum performance during every stage of a product’s life.

Optimization & Life Extension

Boost the performance of your equipment and your business with our expert setup, configuration and fine-tuning service, carried out by our highly skilled installation engineers.

Call in the experts

We are ready and waiting to offer trusted, expert advice on how to overcome your power challenges and set your organization up for the future. Please get in touch and we will show you what we can do.

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