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Minimize risks through professional asset management

The energy delivered by power supply systems is crucial for maintaining processes and data and guaranteeing the safety of operators and other personnel, therefore a qualified overview of such systems and their maintenance status is essential to ensuring they continue to operate smoothly, and that power is always available when needed. Professional asset management and risk-minimisation measures also represent important ISO certification and business insurance requirements.

The AEG Power Solutions Lifecycle Consulting Program features a simple, cost-transparent risk minimization package and a detailed servicing schedule for your power supply systems.

Managing a site has a wealth of challenges
Increasing technical complexity in a rapidly diversifying technological landscape
Bearing the responsibility to secure operation of equipment and premises
Ensuring the safety of onsite personnel
Minimizing costs
Plan safely and optimize costs

The program is divided into the following 3 phases:

  • Compling a complete list of devices (with nominal values)
  • Logging the age of the systems
  • Logging all measures implemented throughout their service life
  • Logging the currently installed software versions
  • Assessing risks and/or the need to implement additional measures
  • Joint plant inspection
  • Comparing the archived operating data with the installed systems
  • Improving the assessment of the risk and and/or the need to implement additional measures
  • Identifying of other connected devices, such as batteries or non-AEG energy supply systems
  • Listing obsolete system designs that may need upgrades or replacements
  • How have the power requirements changed with respect to the previous inspection?
  • What are the current loads power supply security demands, and what demands are expected in the future?
  • Is the uninterruptible power supply currently overrated, or is it expected to be underrated after a few years?
  • Which of the AEG ProCare maintenance contracts best suits your new requirements?

Once completed, the facility manager receives a comprehensive, validated list of all uninterruptible power supply devices, complete with any recommendations for the optimizing the current maintenance or framework contract, or a customized maintenance package.


Depending on the current service lifecycle phase of the systems, we will propose a series of refurbishment, retrofit and replacement options, complete with a detailed cost-benefit analysis. In addition, we may also make recommendations for improving your system, such as by adapting it to the new power requirements.


AEG Power Solutions “Lifecyle Consulting Program” is compatible with all commercially available power supply systems. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to optimize your site or facility power supply holistically and develop a cost-optimized package of customized measures for ISO audits or contract negotiations with business insurers.

We provide Analytical Services for
Power Quality Analysis

Disturbances in your electrical power can lead to serious malfunctions in your business equipment. We carry out sophisticated power quality analyses to identify problems. The tests cover everything from grounding issues to harmonics, with the aim of detecting and identifying problems affecting the power supply voltage, current, harmonics and any other factors. Once our analyses are complete, we will recommend the necessary measures for rectifying any issues and preventing any problems.

Thermal Imaging

By identifying potential problems in your critical power systems before they cause downtime or damage, thermal imaging provides a vital extra level of protection. Our teams use infrared cameras to highlight heat patterns emitted from surfaces, so as to identify potentially damaging hotspots such as faulty connections, overloaded circuits and phase imbalances.

Power Surveys

We carry out 24/7 onsite surveys of your sites to help you make informed choices about your critical power protection. Our experienced engineers use the latest equipment to record values such as load analysis, voltage, current kW and KVA, before producing a comprehensive report to reinforce the integrity of your power installation.

Load Bank Testing

Our specialized engineers will run full load bank tests to ensure your installation is capable of supporting your full load requirements when necessary. We stimulate maximum load conditions so as to test all the components of your power system, detect any potential system weaknesses and minimize possible risks for the real load. If you want to simulate a load test using the actual working load, we recommend carrying out a performance test.

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