Analytical Services

Anticipate your needs or potential issues with dedicated analytical services and keep your business running smoothly.

AEG Power Solutions provides a full range of analytical support services to help you gain maximum value from your critical power systems and enjoy business continuity.

Power Quality Analysis

Disturbances in your electrical power can lead to serious malfunctions in your business equipment. We undertake sophisticated power quality analyses to identify problems. Tests include everything from grounding to harmonic surveys to detect problems with voltage, current, harmonics and other factors. We will recommend procedures for rectifying and preventing any problems.

Thermal Imaging

By identifying potential problems in your critical power systems before they cause downtime or damage, thermal imaging provides a vital extra level of protection. Using infrared cameras to highlight heat patterns emitted from surfaces, our teams will undertake tests to find potentially damaging hotspots such as faulty connections, overloaded circuits and phase imbalances.

Power Surveys

We undertake 24/7 surveys of your sites to help you make informed choices about your critical power protection. Using the latest equipment, our experienced specialists will record values such as load analysis, voltage, current kW and KVA, before producing a comprehensive report to reinforce the integrity of your power installation.

Load Bank Testing

Our specialized engineers will run full load bank tests to ensure your installation is capable of supporting your full load when necessary. By simulating maximum load conditions, we test the components of your entire power system, detecting any potential system weaknesses and minimizing possible risks for the real load. If you want to simulate a load test with the actual connected load, a performance test is the best choice.