To keep your system performing efficiently, it is essential to replace, on time, components subject to wear and tear or aging. This will ensure that your system can operate normally and guarantee continuous power supply to your critical loads. The risk is also financial as the issues generated will cost much more than regular preventive maintenance.

  Pro Care Safe Pro Care Excel Pro Care Premium
Work on site Included, 
1 maintenance visit per year

1 maintenance & 1 inspection visit per year

Visual inspection

System, batteries, site, installation

Organic and inorganic contaminants removal

System and batteries

Thermal scanning

Critical parts in the system, batteries and installation

Events log analysis and numerical diagnostics


Performance measurements


Software update

System, when available

Parameter adjustment and optimization


Functional walk through and assessment

System, batteries, installation


Periodic maintenance parts

Discounted Included

Limited life time parts
- Cooling fans: Every 5 years or as needed
- Capacitors: Every 10 years or as needed

Discounted Included