Central Inverters Maintenance Service

From the power solar system selection to your process installation and commissioning, our certified experts go beyond your expectations by offering service excellence that will maximize your solar farm efficiency and long-term revenues. Through product services such as PV Care Solo, PV Care Safe and PV Care Premium , your AEG Service Team provides the ultimate peace of mind assuring complete cost control, security and maximum yields of your PV installation.

PV Care Solo

PV Care Solo is a one time technical expertise visit of your AEG PS equipment, e.g. central inverters, container and outdoor solutions.

PV Care Safe

With advanced functionality assessments and onsite numerical diagnostics, our service engineer experts implement the necessary measures to keep your system operating at peak performance.

PV Care Premium

PV Care Premium provides you with a peace of mind at a fixed rate. Our service engineering team performs yearly maintenance services of your system, replaces and installs all necessary parts at no additional cost.


PV Care Services



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