Repair, Refurbishments, Retrofits & Replacements

For over 60 years, AEG Power Solutions have provided a wide range of repair, refurbishment and replacement services around the world. With dedicated power solution experts and 24 hour emergency repair facility we can quickly provide a quote and recommendations for repair, refurbishment or other services and solutions.

Repair (in-house & on-site) 

Our equipment is designed to have the highest uptime during its operational life. In the unlikely event a system failure occurs quick repairs is necessary. With warehouses around the world we can support you quickly and efficiently. Documenting all repair events of our delivered products provides us trends on number and frequency of breakdown events. With almost no unplanned downtime or cost of repairs it can be interesting to extend the life time even longer through our refurbishment solutions. 


During annual maintenance our Field service engineer will closely inspect critical components of your equipment. When the time has come, normally after the 10th operational year, AEG Power Solutions offer you a refurbishment package for lifetime extension which can limit the high replacement cost. Fans, Capacitors and critical PCB will be replaced by new ones which lead to an additional decade of reliable power. 


In situations where your AEG PS equipment is part of a complete installation, taking out the cabinets can be a costly operation due to the site location or is not favorable for esthetic reasons. AEG Power Solutions developed several retrofit kits to replace the Control part or even the whole Control and Power part of the DC charger without any problem according to our quality standards. Due to the limited weight of the new parts, this solution can be very cost effective especially for remote or Offshore locations. 

We guarantee that a second lifecycle can be realized by choosing one of the retrofit kits of AEG Power Solutions.

Applicable systems: 

  • SPR / TPR CAU Rectifiers 
  • SPR / TPR CCU Rectifiers 

CAU->GCAU V2 Conversion PCB

CCU Retrofit






When Refurbishment is not viable due efficiency changes, load requirements or economic reasons we can offer you a full solution in replacing the equipment. With or without a temporary solution to protect your valuable consumers.