Repair, Spare parts, Refurbishment Upgrades

Services throughout the entire product lifecycle


When selecting AEG PS products, our most demanding customers can benefit from on a product support that is covering the availability of spare parts, the in-house repair as well as the refurbishment and upgrade of systems.

Repair, Spare parts, Refurbishment Upgrades, Power Services, In-House Repair, Spare parts, product lifecycle

In-House Repair

AEG Power Solutions offers complete in-house repair and modification facilities for current and legacy industrial products. Express repair or direct replacement is available on smaller premium power products.

Spare parts

With AEG Power Solutions' comprehensive logistics network, the dispatching and shipment of spare parts to worldwide location is daily practice. Obsolescence management provides customers with suitable information about parts that are being phased out and suggests appropriate solutions. AEG Power Solutions ensures the appropriate support throughout the entire product life cycle.

Refurbishment & Upgrades

Refurbishment or upgrades often provide the most cost effective and practical pathway to extending the lifespan or functions of your critical power systems. AEG Power Solutions will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your needs before undertaking the upgrade projects with speed, efficiency and minimal disruption to your business.