At AEG PS, we are aware that you do not want to experience unexpected shutdowns in critical operational processes, and delicate equipment, critical damage to electronics due to transients in the power line, critical emergencies or operational stops due to power supply failures.

You have chosen AEG switch mode power supplies (AC 1000 CAN, DC 1000 CAN, AC 2000, DC 2000, AC 3000 CAN, DC 3000 CAN, AC 7000, AC 7000 CAN and AC 18000 CAN series), to protect your AC or DC critical loads. As we are launching new generations, those equipment are reaching a crucial phase of their lifecycle and need to be checked on a regular basis to make sure the unit continues securing safely your power supply.

We propose you the necessary adjustments to prevent any risk of lower availability, as well as upgrading and adjusting to your needs which may have evolved. AEG PS as the original manufacturer is best positioned to support you in maximizing the use of those power supplies and we offer our customers to refurbish the device, update software versions and thus extend the lifetime for a decade longer of operations. The package comes with a new one-year warranty on all replaced parts. A high level of power availability is guaranteed for the next 10 years at a very competitive price.

Your immediate benefits:

  • Minimize risk of failures and business continuity: avoids that the equipment enters into the rising part of the “bathtub curve”, which shows the course of availability over time
  • Use the upgraded power supply exactly as before, no further adjustments of cabinets and no training required
  • Minimize cost

Refurbishment for Switch Mode Power Supplies


Contact our service team and send us the equipment which needs to be refurbished. If a whole series is involved, we organize so-called roll cures and schedule the workflow to minimize operation disruption. For customers who have no specialist on site, we also propose to take care of the removal and installation.

The devices sent in are first checked for errors. Then the stored operating data is read out and wearing parts are replaced (e.g. electrolytic capacitors and fans) and updates are implemented. Once completed, detailed tests are rolled out (functional test, load run, high-voltage test).

The refurbished equipment is updated with the latest software and hardware version and can be used again for the next 10 years with its initial high availability. The refurbishment process includes a factory test certificate and for CAN modules a report that provides valuable information on whether and when overtemperature and / or over voltages have occurred. This enables to check and, if necessary, optimize the conditions in which the device operates.

Delivery is project specific and depends on the availability of the spare parts. If required, rental equipment can be made available for the duration of the refurbishment. During rental, the 24/7 hotline is available to our customers without restriction.