UPSaaS UPS-as-a-Service

UPSaaS™, or “UPS-as-a-Service” is an alternative way of providing conditioned, uninterruptible power to mission critical applications. The end-user only pays for what is ultimately consumed. This service includes all UPS systems, power equipment, batteries and installation, maintenance and decommissioning services. The advantages are: No upfront investments, support of load growth, accounting benefits and an all-inclusive uninterruptible power solution.

Why UPSaaS™ is needed?

  • Strong market demand – directly in-line with other XaaS offerings (Everything-as-a- Service)
  • Special attention to products not directly generating revenue

How UPSaaS™ is helping?

  • Creates a shift from a passive owner to an efficient user

What UPSaaS™ does?

  • Power conditioning at customer facility
  • Pay-per-use, no upfront investment required
  • Fixed price/kWh consumed


  1. No upfront investments
    - Release budget for revenue generating investments
    - No cost of financing
  2. No ownership
    - Pay-per-use (service)
    - No hidden costs (all-inclusive: even the batteries)
  3. Supports load growth
    - Adapt quickly to changes
  4. Monthly billing
    - Fixed price per kWh consumed
    - All billing against actual consumption
  5. Accounting benefits
    - Move from CAPEX to OPEX

Comparison: UPSaaS™ vs. Direct Purchase (Example)

The Difference between a Lease and UPSaaS™ Arrangement

  • A lease is an agreement whereby the lessor conveys to the lessee, in return for a payment or series of payments, the right to use an asset for an agreed period of time.
  • IAS 17 governs the accounting for leases.
  • The key accounting question is whether the UPSaaS™ offering is a lease of the UPS device or whether it is a service type contract that provides a service to the end-user for a fee.
  • Close analysis of an UPSaaS™ arrangement concludes that it is not a lease as it does not fulfill the conditions of IFRIC 4, that being
    a)fulfillment of the arrangement is dependent on the use of a specified asset or assets
    b)the arrangement coveys a right to use the asset or assets.

UPSaaS™ is not a leasing or any financing arrangement

  • All UPSaaS™ equipment and services are owned by Burland Energy
  • Customers pay only for what they consume
  • A fixed price is all inclusive
  • No products/services are unique to a customer
  • Customer access to equipment is limited to a “Kill switch”

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For more information about UPS as a Service see our article which describes more details about the financial and operational benefits.

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