Hybrid Battery Energy Storage & Power-to-Heat for Primary Control Reserve (PCR) Business Case

This business case demonstrates the advantages of a hybrid battery energy storage system combined with a power-to-heat (PTH) solution. The installed thermal PTH system, which is already used for additional applications, provides negative power which is usually limited to the secondary reserve market. By combining both systems, cumulative thermal storage capacity equals installed BESS capacity. In this case, only 600 kWh battery capacity is required instead of 1000 kWh. Overall, this results in a reduced CAPEX of 30–40%.

30 - 40% Reduced Capex

Combining a battery energy storage system with thermal storage provides the investor with  two advantages:

  1. Power-to-Heat can be used in the primary and secondary control power markets
  2. In the case of the primary control market, the necessary battery investment is reduced significantly

More than 3 years faster payback

Today's battery market prices vary between €500 and €1,400. With the combined battery energy storage & power-to-heat concept, fewer batteries are required, which results in less investment and faster payback times. Based on a battery price of €600, the payback period of systems with power-to-heat will be 5 years instead of 8.4 years without it.

Technical Solution

As a long-term expert in battery and power conversion technology AEG Power Solutions provides a comprehensive solution based on the following systems and services:

  • Turnkey Battery Storage Container
  • Protect SC - Storage Converter
  • Protect SC LMU - Management Unit
  • Planning & Project Management
  • Maintenance
  • Battery Service

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