AEG PS is securing power for the Yamal LNG project

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia




Gas production

Products AEG PS
  • Protect 8

AEG PS provided the equipment insuring uninterrupted power supply for the Yamal LNG Project (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Russia). Protect 8 uninterrupted power supply systems were selected as they meet all of the stringent technical requirements that Yamal LNG has set for the equipment to be operated in challenging climate conditions as the gas field is in the Arctic area.


The Yamal LNG plant needed more than 50 Protect 8 three-phase UPS units (in/out: 400 V AC, battery: 384 V DC). The Protect 8 UPS employs cutting-edge technology and is based on the double conversion topology. This technology is a robust and commercially beneficial solution to ensure safe operation of high-performance equipment in demanding climate conditions. Protect 8 UPS system has a proven track record of operation in most challenging environments.