Rack-mount UPS 0.75 - 10 kVA UPS systems

The rack mountable UPS series for 19" server racks have even with build-in batteries a very compact size and fit into 600mm deep racks. The UPS autonomy times can be increased with additional plug&play battery packs and will be automatically detected. Our advanced battery charging technology allows short charging times and battery-preserving charging characteristics at the same time.

server cabinet with rackmount UPS
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    750 VA1800 VA
    1000 VA2300 VA
    1400 VA3000 VA
  • Protec C Rack mount UPS
    Rackmount UPS online / double-conversion (VFI)

    3000 VA
  • Protect D line-interactive UPS (double-conversion) Rackmount
    Rackmount UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1000 VA1500 VA
    2000 VA3000 VA

    parallel mode possible:
    6000 VA10000 VA
  • Modular UPS

    10 - 40 kVA
    1/1, 3/1 or 3/3 phase

    up to 4 UPS in parallel operations