Tower UPS for medium-sized IT infrastructure

Our tower UPS systems meet the highest security and availability requirements and have due to their compact size a small footprint. The UPS systems with 6kVA and higher offer the possibility of parallel operation. Both active redundancy and higher availability are achieved with higher power requirements being taken into account.

Tower Ups, medium-sized IT infrastructure, Protect, uninterruptible power supply
  • Protect B.PRO line-interactive UPS, Tower-Rack

    line-interactive (VI)
    750 VA1800 VA
    1000 VA2300 VA
    1400 VA3000 VA
  • Protect C online UPS

    double-conversion (VFI)
    1 kVA2 kVA3 kVA

    parallel mode possible:
    6 kVA10 kVA
  • Protect 1 online Tower UPS

    online / double-conversion (VFI)

    10 kVA
    15 kVA
    20 kVA