White Papers

Experts in power technology, AEG Power Solutions offers a series of white papers discussing power supply technologies that apply to the world of Data and IT as well as to industrial and power generation applications. Our white papers cover topics such areas as UPS dimensioning, the pros and cons of various UPS and generator technologies and how to protect your infrastructure against a variety of common power problems. All the information you need is available here. 

Selection and Sizing of UPS & Generator Sets

This White Paper helps identifying typical issues surrounding the selection and sizing of UPS and generator sets.

Parallel-Connected Power Converter Combinations

Power profile-based selection and operation optimization of parallel-connected power converter combinations

Thyristor Rectifiers for High Power Applications

This paper presents a comparison of two rectifier systems for high power, high current application. It is carried out in terms of system performance, efficiency, size and cost for an industrial load with given system specifications.

Peak Power Clipping Thresholds in Microgrids

This paper presents a method to determine the dependence between maximum residual power and  relevant energy requirements.

Analysis of Industrial Microgrid Power Curves

This paper presents a stochastic approach to analyzing power curves. Common methods for modeling stochastic variables are compared and assessed by their pros and cons.

Storage Operating Strategy for Industrial Microgrids

This paper is currently only available in German.

Kurzschlussstrom des USV-WR ohne Netzunterstützung

This paper is currently only available in German.