Lifecycle Consulting

Optimize lifetime, efficiency and save energy & costs

Minimize risks through professional asset management of your power supply systems

Managing a site or a facility is a complex task comprising a wealth of challenges:

  • Increasing technical complexity in a highly diversifying technology landscape,

  • Bearing the responsibility to secure operation of equipment and premises

  • Ensuring people’s safety onsite

  • Minimizing costs


Power supply systems are crucial equipment as power availability for processes and data rely on them as well as the safety of operation personnel. A qualified overview of the systems and their maintenance status is required to ensure their smooth operation. Professional asset management and risk-minimizing measures are also important requirements in regard to ISO certification and company insurances.

With the Lifecycle Consulting Program, AEG Power Solutions offers a cost-transparent and simple solution for risk minimization and a detailed planning for servicing your power supply systems.

Plan safely and optimize costs

The program is divided into the following 3 phases:

1. Analysis

Preparatory data analysis

  • Complete list of devices (with nominal values)

  • Age of the systems

  • Documentation of all measures carried out over the entire service life

  • Recording of the currently installed software versions

  • Assessment of the risk or the urgency of further measures

2. Inspection

Comparison with the systems on site

  • Joint plant inspection

  • Comparison of the archived operating data with the installed systems

  • Improved assessment of the risk and urgency of further measures

  • Identification of other connected devices such as batteries or non-AEG energy supply systems

  • Listing of system designs that are obsolete and need upgrades or replacements

3. Recommendation

Update of customer requirements

  • What changes in power requirements have occurred over the previous term?

  • What are the demands on supply security of the various loads today and in the future?

  • Is the uninterruptible power supply oversized or even too weak after a few years?

  • Which of the AEG ProCare maintenance contracts will suit your new requirements?

As a result, the facility manager receives a validated and comprehensive list of all uninterruptible power supply devices including associated recommendations for the optimal maintenance or framework contract or an individual maintenance service.

Depending on the service lifecycle phase refurbishment, retrofit and replacement concepts are provided, including a detailed cost-benefit analysis. In addition, there may be recommendations for system improvements, such as an adaptation to new power requirements.

AEG Power Solutions offers the "Lifecyle Consulting Program" for all power supply systems available on the market. Thanks to our expertise, we optimize the site or facility power supply holistically and develop a tailor-made and cost-optimized catalog of measures equipped for ISO audits or contract negotiations with property insurers.