Protect 4

Refurbishment+ Program is a retrofit solution which
turns your older generation of Protect 4 into an
enhanced version by changing the power stack.

Your company has been using our Protect 4 UPS system
to secure power for your critical processes for a long time,
or at least you acquired it before 2012. As we constantly
improve our solutions, the proven Protect 4 series comes
with a new and low-loss inverter transistors (IGBTs)
since the beginning of 2020.

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Improve efficiency and save energy and costs

The new IGBT can significantly reduce the power loss of the inverter, thus increasing the efficiency. Saving energy means also saving costs. It is also a contribution to the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions.

The core element of Refurbishment+ is the change of the transistors. It can be performed as part of a 10-year maintenance plan. Depending on the capacity utilization of the UPS, the investment pays for itself after just a few years of operation. The following overview shows the increase in efficiency, the reduction in energy consumption and the amortization period of the measure using the example of a 500 kVA system with cos φ = 0.8 depending on the load.

AEG Power Solutions service offers modifications to new IGBTs for Protect 4 UPS as part of preventive maintenance or wear parts maintenance. As the design of the new IGBTs differs slightly from the original, the copper rail system and the inverter trigger card are exchanged during the retrofit. Further modifications to the Protect 4 UPS are not necessary. It is advisable to carry out the retrofit at the same time as routine maintenance (e.g. ten-year maintenance) in order to optimize costs.

The AEG Power Solutions’ service team also proposes a detailed assessment of the current power requirement situation and corresponding recommendations as part of our Lifecycle Consulting program. Use this new opportunity to sustainably increase operational safety, availability and energy efficiency as part of your ISO 50001 activities.

Protect 4 Refurbishment+ Program