CEOG Project, French Guiana


CEOG (Centrale Électrique de l’Ouest Guyanais) power plant project;
French Guiana

  • Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
  • 860 tons hydrogen production per year
  • 16 MW alkaline electrolyzer
  • 21,5 MVA / 18,6 MW power supply
  • 128 MWh energy storage

8 x Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU)

Each consisting of:

Image: ©Siemens Energy

The world's largest power plant project which combines photovoltaic with green hydrogen energy storage, is located in Western French Guiana and stores up to 128 MWh. The hydrogen yield of 860 tons per year will be produced by a 16 MW electrolysis platform, stored under pressure in hydrogen storage tanks and then provide secure and 24/7 available electricity via high-power fuel cells in a reverse electrolysis process – enough to power 10,000 households in French Guiana at a competitive price compared to local thermal power plants.

AEG Power Solutions delivers 8 Thyrobox power supply systems to Siemens Energy as EPC of the project. Each system consists of 4 power modules Thyrobox DC-3 to increase reliability and efficiency in partial load and to support container integration. The B12 thyristor rectifiers have an IGBT bridge for the DC/DC conversion and are delivered in 8 transformer rectifier units (TRU) forming a 21,5 MVA / 18,6 MW power supply solution to power the electrolyzer system. The rectifier modules are provided on power frames to allow forklift and crane handling for easy installation and decreased handling costs and support the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL). A Profinet interface will allow the integration of the rectifier into the electrolyzer‘s control system.