Power supply for the hydrogen electrolysis process used for fuel cell trucks and CO₂ neutral heating

MPREIS, Austria

  • Green Hydrogen Production
  • CO2 Neutral Heating

8 x Thyrobox DC 3

The Tyrolean company MPREIS laid officially the foundation stone of its future hydrogen production plant in March 2020 and cooperates with partners in the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking project Demo4Grid supported by the European Union to demonstrate large scale Pressurized Alkaline Electrolyser for Grid Balancing Services.

MPREIS objective was to minimize its CO₂ emission and the production of hydrogen will be used for CO₂ neutral heating of the bakery building and will serve as fuel for fuel cell vehicles used by MPREIS in delivery process. Long term objective for MPREIS is to convert its complete fleet of trucks to hydrogen operation which should take about seven years. The solution delivered by AEG PS comprises 8 Thyrobox DC 3 with transformers and distribution which will provide power supply to the hydrogen production process.

Thyrobox DC 3 was designed to provide a good power factor and minimized harmonics which contribute to energy efficiency and limited distortions to the grid feeder, and finally reduce the overall cost of operations of such processes as electrolysis. The system also answers to the requirements of high reliability in terms of power supply. Thyrobox DC 3’s full grid compliance was key in its adoption by MPREIS as well as the flexibility of the solution, its high efficiency especially at partial load operation and the communications standards.


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