AEG Power Solutions Showcases a Complete Battery Energy Storage Solution in a 1MW micro-grid and Announces its Partnership with Energon


- Demonstration of a containerized energy storage solution featuring Convert SC Flex system + 1MWh Li-Ion battery

- Combining expertise with Energon Advanced Energetics on turnkey solutions



Warstein-Belecke, Germany, November 19, 2018 - AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power supply systems and solutions for all types of critical and demanding applications, is demonstrating today a containerized energy storage solution featuring its Convert SC Flex system, during its Battery Energy Storage day, at its facility in Warstein-Belecke, Germany. The workshop attended by partners and customers is the opportunity to show on site a live 1MW micro grid demonstration including a Battery Energy Storage container, genset and variable loads.


Convert SC Flex on and off-grid functionnalities

The off grid functionalities of the converter are showcased live during the workshop by changing seamlessly between different operation scenarios including blackstart of the total system.
As the core element of any battery energy storage system, the converter charges and discharges batteries to store or provide power according to the application requirement such as frequency control, peak shaving, energy shifting (temporary storage to re-inject energy when maximizing profitability), or voltage control (often used to balance the voltage instability generated by integration of renewables in the grid). Convert SC Flex bi-directional power converter with IGBT technology benefits of power range up to 1MW for a single unit and provides an outstanding conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases.

Convert SC Flex includes an option for seamless transition between off-grid and on-grid mode. This extends the battery energy system’s usage beyond its core functions, and is crucial when battery energy storage is used for full off-grid applications.


Partnership with Energon Advanced Energetics

The turnkey battery energy system, which is embedding Convert SC Flex, is provided by Energon Advanced Energetics (EAE). AEG Power Solutions and EAE are announcing their agreement to cooperate in a mutually beneficial Battery Energy Storage project partnership, combining their expertise and experience in the field of development, projection and delivering advanced battery systems (including EMS).

Energon Advanced Energetics is an EPC Contractor Company based in the Czech Republic and operating across Europe, engineering large scale battery storage systems (from hundreds kWh to several MWh), and driving complex projects in the field of energetics, distribution grids, energy storage systems and renewable energy sources.

“We are glad to cooperate with such a strong, experienced and reliable partner as AEG Power Solutions. Their hi-tech products can help us come up with innovative and pioneering solutions and push the boundaries of nowadays BESS systems,” says Tomas Pastrnak, CEO of Energon Advanced Energetics.  


“AEG Power Solutions has been part of pioneering projects in battery energy storage for some years now. Today we are very pleased to demonstrate to our partners the simplicity of a full turnkey solution and the quality and flexibility of our conversion system”, explains Jörg Liedloff, VP Business development and New markets. “Energy storage is one of the key solution to many of the energy challenges we are facing today like the integration of renewables to the grid and we can successfully contribute technically to its development.”



About AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions ensure continuous power availability and the safe operation of critical applications thanks to with a wide portfolio of power supply systems and services: AC and DC UPS, battery chargers, rectifier systems, service and maintenance on 24/7 basis, as well as fully customized UPS systems to customer specifications.
AEG Power Solutions has developed a distinctive expertise and world-class engineering capacities that bridge both AC and DC power technologies and span conventional and renewable energy platforms. AEG Power Solutions has decades of experience with UPS and power electronics, and grid integration, and is leveraging its conversion expertise to engineer and deliver solutions for energy storage applications.


AEG Power Solutions Group is the sole subsidiary of the holding company 3W Power For more information, visit



AEG Power Solutions Showcases a Complete Battery Energy Storage Solution in a 1MW micro-grid and Announces its Partnership with Energon

AEG Power Solutions Showcases a Complete Battery Energy Storage Solution in a 1MW micro-grid and Announces its Partnership with Energon


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