NAS® BATTERIES in cooperation with BASF New Business

Cost efficient battery energy storage solution based on the high efficiency converters from AEG Power Solutions and the NAS® batteries, produced by NGK Insulators, Ltd., distributed by BASF.

Sodium-sulfur (NaS) batteries have a high energy density so that a single NAS® battery container can store a 1.45 MWh energy. Thanks to its modularity, the capacity can be scaled to fit high demanding applications like power shifting and peak shaving for renewable energy stabilization. The charge / discharge efficiency is between 70% and 85% with almost no self-discharge characterisctics. Although it is a high-temperature secondary cell, operating between 300 and 350°C, thermal isolation and heating energy have to taken into account. With characteristics of 4-8 hours long discharge duration, long life times of 20 years and fast response times within milliseconds makes this a preferred battery for energy storage applications.

AEG PS’ Convert SC Flex storage converters are perfectly suited for this type of battery due to its wide DC input range. The optional Convert SC Flex V provides even an Off-Grid mode to run the solution completely grid independent. Together with AEG PS’ Convert SC Flex storage converters’ high efficiency, the solution will be one of the most effiencient, cost-effective and reliable solutions on the market.

The new NAS® battery offers an interesting alternative for our projects with battery capacities above 6 MWh and longer discharging periods and will be calculate on a project-base if this solution is more economical for the customer.


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