Thyrobox DC 3


Thyrobox DC 3 from AEG Power Solutions fulfills the high requirements of power supply for demanding industrial processes: a perfect stability of output voltage for the best current quality and high efficiency performance. In line with the specificities of those processes, power consumption is as close as possible to sine wave form and the system has a high power factor. Thyrobox DC 3 is based on proven B12 Thyristor Rectifier and IGBT chopper technology. Due to the wide output voltage range, load voltages from 50 V up to 700 V can be realized. The smallest Thyrobox DC 3 has an output current of 1,800 A, which can be modularly expanded to 7,200 A. The robust and compact design of the Thyrobox DC 3 enables utilization even in harsh environments. 


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Compatibilité réseau ouvrir

Conforme aux normes des réseaux électriques; exploitation de l’unité en phase avec les objectifs d’exploitation du réseau

Qualité industrielle ouvrir

Une conception robuste pour les environnements difficiles et des niveaux d’exigence élevés

Évolutivité ouvrir

Le fonctionnement en parallèle permet d’adapter la capacité à l’évolution des besoins en matière de charge
  • Type Rectifier
  • Power output 0-450 kVA
  • Technology Thyristor & IGBT 
  • Input voltage range 0,38 - 35 kV
  • Phase 3-Phase


  • Output current ripple <1 %
  • High efficiency (over 97 %)*
  • High power factor
  • Low THDi
  • Project specific parameter optimization possible
  • Modular Design for MW installations
  • Graphical display

Options include:

  • Various communication interfaces
  • Special instrumentation and software
  • Different configurations for water inlet and DC connection possible

Water or air cooled version available:

  • Modular water cooled version and external transformer for high power demand
  • Compact air cooled version dc3C, single cabinet approach, transformer included in the rectifier cabinet, for medium power demand

* Conditions apply 


  • Highly reliable process power supply combined with high efficiency
  • High dynamics to supply different types of applications
  • High quality DC power supply to increase the life span of DC components
  • Wide range of output voltage can be supplied by using proven B12 Thyristor Rectifier and IGBT chopper technology
  • Small footprint, especially low cabinet depth for simple container integration to increase the cost efficiency of system solutions
  • DC current or voltage source, depending on the project requirements
  • Low distortion, low THDi and high-level power factor without cost intensive filter elements reduces CAPEX and optimizes OPEX costs
  • Stainless Steel cooling system, allowing use of tap water as cooling liquid