To increase power density and to allow easier installation on site, a new base frame solution for two Thyrobox DC-3 systems is proposed by AEG Power Solutions. The immediate benefit is that integration is easier in larger systems and it significantly decreases the handling cost on site.

The option comprises

  • 2 Modules of Thyrobox DC-3 installed on a single base frame
  • Prewired AC paralleling cabinet, which allows to choose AC connection top or bottom and comprises a synchronization and decoupling choke as well as optional fuse switches or circuit breakers
  • Single base frame allows forklift handling
  • Power Frame option available for a stand alone unit. It is possible to install four Power Frames to form a up to 10 MW Power Block solution

Additional scope of supply

  • Transformer
  • Outdoor solution
  • Busbar
  • AC-LV-Distribution
  • Cooling system


Container Solution

Both, Power Frame and Power Block, are also available as transformer-rectifier unit in a 40 ft container incl. optional MV-switch gear, LV distribution or cooling systems.



Input Power Frame & Power Block
Input voltage 0,4 - 40 kV
Transformer External
Power Factor 0.95 for P >20 % PN
THDi HV power frame: <7 % @ rated point of operation
System level: <3 % @ rated point of operation
Output Power Frame Power Block
Min. load voltage 10 V 10 V
Max. load per single unit 1000 V I 4000 A I ~2500 kW 1000 V I 16.000 A I 10.000 kW
Current ripple < 1 % < 1 %
Efficiency @rated point of operation > 98.75 % @ nominal operation