Comprehensive Service for Energy Transition Solutions

Energy storage systems are crucial for the smooth operation of local power grids. Outages of a system can lead to downtimes, high energy costs or in the worst case, to collapsing power grids. You cannot allow any business disruptions and need to secure the operation with reliable ongoing service. AEG Power Solutions has realized many energy storage projects around the world and with our expertise in AC & DC power electronics and battery installations, we are the right partner to keep your system at peak performance.

Through Pro Care Safe ETS, your AEG PS service team provides an on-site annually scheduled preventive maintenance program developed to secure your systems’ operations at all times.

With physical inspections, functionality
and performance assessments and on-site analytical diagnostics, our service engineer experts do everything needed to keep your system operating at peak performance. In case of failure, a Pro Care Safe ETS contract provides customers with the guarantee that an expert will be available on-site. The repair service for our Pro Care Safe ETS customers is our first priority. The maximum starting time for initiating an on-site intervention is defined in our Pro Care package contract.

This annually repeating contract also includes a 24/7 priority hotline and complete reporting. This means peace of mind by ensuring the cost control, security and uninterrupted power supply for your most critical processes.

The maintenance package is fully customizable and can be adapted to your requirements.