DC Power Supply for Green Hydrogen Production to reduce Carbon Emissions in Metal Production

HydrogenPro, Norway

  • Green Hydrogen Production
  • Fossil-free production of steel and other metals
  • Hydrogen-based furnace heating
  • Production 'raw materials' for the petrochemical industry



Hydrogen Pro is a Norwegian-based company, providing solutions for producing, storing, and distributing hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

The use of hydrogen as a subsititute to fossil sources can be of interest for the de-carbonation of many industrial processes, Swerim research institute of the metal industry in Sweden is answering an increasing demand of the industry for trials based on technologies contributing to reduce carbon emissions. The pilot plant integrates its own hydrogen production and will allow, among other projects, to test and assess various industrial hydrogen applications. Potential applications in industry include fossil-free production of steel and other metals, hydrogen-based furnace heating, or production 'raw materials' for the petrochemical industry. The electrolysis process selected by Swerim is HydrogenPro highly efficient alkaline electrolyser with a high level of dynamics.

Electrolysis process demands the highest reliability in terms of power supply. High quality output voltage and high power are a necessity but energy efficiency and limited distortions to the grid feeder are also part of the equation. A good power factor and minimized harmonics contribute to reduce the overall cost of operations in these processes. The Thyrobox DC 3 was designed to provide those benefits. Two systems were acquired by Hydrogen Pro to equip the hydrogen production facility for Swerim, in addition to a transformer and AC distribution. Ful grid-compliance and the flexibility of the solution were key to the choice of Thyrobox DC 3.


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