GIS-MS Hybrid UPS Project

Industrial UPS-Systems in Micro and Smart Grids

The 3-year project aims at designing a system which would combine the benefits of a UPS with an extended energy storage system. This new solution aims to support local energy management and provide power supply protection for up to 100 kW as a prototype unit. As industrialized solution it shall be scalable to several hundred kW.

We are very committed to successfully execute this exciting challenge in cooperation with our partners which are all experts in their fields. We expect that the results of our innovative concept will be incorporated into the development of future products and solutions.

Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Vogt, AEG Power Solutions

GIS-MS focuses on solving the technical challenges that this application is raising, which mainly are:

  • The power-electronic topology of the “hybrid UPS” system (especially the multi-use converter which combines rectifier and inverter modes and needs to integrate grid forming feature in case of grid failure).
  • The choice of the battery, which needs to be adapted to their new cycling operation mode involving also a new dimension in storage. This means designing new models for battery aging which will ultimately translate into business case for such operations.
  • Its conformity with regulatory and normative frameworks.


The industrial research project "GIS-MS" sponsored by North-Rhein Westphalia ministry of industry with the support of the European development fund. The project aims at developing stationary intelligent storage systems, also called “hybrid UPS” system, to improve local energy management.

In addition to AEG Power Solutions which drives the project and acts as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) expert and manufacturer, the project involves the Department of Power Electronics and Electric Drives (LEA) at Paderborn University, BatterieIngenieure GmbH as experts for battery technology, Next Kraftwerke GmbH as operator of one of the largest virtual power plants in Europe, Hoppecke Batteries GmbH (associated partner) Battery manufacturer and the Avasition GmbH (associate partner) as experts for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation systems.