AC 2000 Switch Mode Rectifier Module


The switch-mode power supply unit operates according to an IU characteristic line to DIN 41772 / DIN 41773. It is a pre-wired unit supplied ready for installation. The connections are accessible from the front panel. The controls and display elements are installed at the front of the unit. Due to its high efficiency, it is designed as a compact 19“ plug-in module of 4 height units.


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Industrial-grade открыто

A robust design crafted for harsh environments and high requirements

Higher availability открыто

Redundancy capabilities increase the availability of this device to the highest possible level

Scalability открыто

Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements
  • Input voltage 195 - 253 V
  • Output DC voltage 24 V
  • Output DC current 65 A
  • Size 483 x 177 x 206 mm
    (19" x 4 HU)
  • Weight 11.8 kg

Key Features

  • Compact design and low weight
  • Low mounting depth
  • High power density
  • Low inrush current
  • Sinusoidal input current
  • High efficiency
  • Low voltage ripple
  • Resistant to sustained short circuit
  • Excellent dynamic response