AC7000 N1 8W industrial Switch Mode Rectifier Module

  • AC7000 N1 110/220 V
  • AC7000 N1 110/220 V
  • AC7000 N1 24 V

The Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) AC7000 N1 is the new generation of the proven AC7000 series from AEG Power Solutions. The reliable rectifier is very compact (19"), robust and ideal for all types of industrial applications. The output power of the system is 8000 W at 24, 110/120 and 220 VDC. Thanks to advanced protection (input, output, temperature, current, power) AC7000 N1 is highly reliable and benefits of a high MTBF. The rectifier provides secured DC power in combination with a parallel battery, to supply all types of DC consumer loads including constant voltage and current sources.


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Industrial-grade открыто

A robust design crafted for harsh environments and high requirements

Energy saving открыто

Due to its high efficiency, power consumption is very low. Over its product lifetime, the savings in terms of money and power are higher than older systems, making this a good replacement unit.

Scalability открыто

Parallel operation makes it flexible to adapt the capacity to changing load requirements
  • Input voltage 360 - 440 V
  • Output DC voltage 24 V
  • Output DC current 250 A
  • Size 483 x 266 x 400 mm
    (19" x 6 HU)
  • Weight 29 kg
  • Input voltage 360 - 440 V
  • Output DC voltage 110 V
    220 V
  • Output DC current 75 A
    30 A
  • Size 483 x 221 x 400 mm
    (19" x 5 HU)
  • Weight 26 kg


  • Robust design

  • Characteristic curve changeover via external contacts

  • Low voltage ripple to prolong battery life • Automatic stop at high and low mains voltage with automatic re-start

  • Self-protection against high temperature conditions via automatic switch-off and automatic restart

  • Double row LCD display for output voltage and output current

  • Complies with RCCE, KTA, IEEE standards



  • Compact in 19" technology

  • Adapted to charge many types of batteries including vented lead acid, valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) or nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd)

  • The system can also be used as a direct power supply without batteries

  • Switchable via external contact between float charge, boost charge, manual charge, Genset (all adjustable via potentiometer)

  • High availability, MTBF over 350 000 hours